Buffing Wheel Rake for Metal Polishing




A buffing wheel rake is used to clean up the edge of an Airway Buffing Wheel while it’s running on a pedestal machine or a right angle machine.The buffing wheel should be spinning at it’s normal speed and the rake should be held securely when presented to buffs on any stationary bench grinder or portable tool. Always exercise caution when raking. We recommend using your feet to hold the rake to the ground and taking the machine and buff to  the rake, to remove compound and soften the edges. We’ve also found the buffing rake ideal, if you have to mow your yard without a catcher fitted….it’ll take you all day using one of these to rake your lawn, a great way to waste a perfectly good Saturday.


When too much Metal Polishing Compound is applied to the buffing wheel, it can harden and burn onto the edge of the buff. This reduces the efficiency of the buffing wheel and the finish it can leave, the rake is used to remove this compound build up. If you notice a significant increase in the residual aluminum particle built up on the surface while buffing, rake the buff and re-apply a small amount of compound.

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 37 × 5 × 3 cm