Here at Rad Hard Chroming we can help you with your motorcycle restoration project. we take the complete forks from the triple clamp down to the axle, strip them down, rechrome the tubes (if necessary). Inspect all internal components, replace what is necessary and source whatever finish is required on each component. For older hard to get parts we can remanufacture or repair what’s there. We can finish your lower fork legs, triple clamps, spring covers and seal caps however you want them to look, including these finishes:

Raw aluminium

Gives the look of racing bike with raw aluminium finish having a brushed/ scotch-brite (cross hatch) finish

Powder Coated

With powder coating, the powder fills any imperfections in the surface of the metal and protects it. Adding this barrier will protect from the elements, so it does not corrode or rust and doesn’t flake or chip. This finish complements the appearance of the chromed fork tubes and you can add a colour or shine of your choice.

Satin Finish

Produced by polishing, a satin finish is a softer reflective surface than most, making it a smooth and dull finish.

Polished Aluminium (Mirror Finish)

Meticulous care is taken to make sure surface defects are removed before the part can be buffed to a mirror finish.

Decorative Bright Chrome plating

Decorative Chroming is similar in appearance to the mirror finish on aluminium but is done with chrome. Chrome is a metal surface coating that is hard wearing, non corrosive and has a beautiful deep shine. Decorative chrome can be applied to either steel or aluminium.

Decorative Satin Chrome

A decorative satin chrome finish has the same properties (hard wearing and non corrosive) as Bright chrome but with a smooth and dull finish to it.

Glass Bead Blasted

Glass Bead Blasting is generally used as a pretreatment to any other surface finish, it cleans any paint, tarnish or corrosion from the surface and is very good for cleaning intricate and complex shaped items.

Wet Blasted

Wet blasting gives a quality surface finish to metal products, generally used on aluminium(example. lower fork legs, triple clamps, engine cases, barrels ect.). The process gives high resistance to weathering while maintaining it clean new look. A great advantage of wet blasting is that it seals aluminium and does not damage the parts or change critical dimensions. The finish is ideal for the environments that bikes find themselves in daily, rain hail or shine and offers outstanding water and oil resistance.