Mini Buff Kit


Our Mini Buff Kit gives you a range of 75mm and 100mm diameter buffs, perfect for touch up work in those hard-to-reach areas on your Truck, Bike or Car.


The Mini Buff Kit

Our mini buff kit is an ideal addition to your polishing buff range. Specifically put together to enable you to get into the intricate and hard to reach areas on your Car, Bike or Truck. The kit come with 5 buffs and includes a 1/4″ Shaft Mini spindle, so you can fit it to your drill, low speed die grinder or straight buff, and offers everything you need to make those hard-to-reach areas shine.

The Mini Buff Kit includes –

One – 4″ x 50 Fold Swandown super soft unstitched buff

One – 4″ x 50 Fold Calico Mop

One – 3″ x 50 fold Calico Mop

Two – 3″ x 2 section Premium Stitched buffs

One – Mini tapered spindle with 1/4″ shaft

Additional information

Weight .50 kg