Fusion Compound


Our range of world class Maverick compounds, formulated and manufactured in the USA, offer the most state of the art product available. In 2023, we introduce Fusion, a compound designed  to compliment the Maverick range, giving you the best of the best, the most high tech cut, though to the highest finish that’s possible.


Fusion Compound is an addition to compliment our already world class line up. With a unique European formulation, Fusion has a very fast cut from 500 / 600 up sanded finish, with the ability to leave an extremely crisp, low hash finish….with unique binders, it sticks to the mop and to job, it cuts fast, a little goes a very long way and it has a great finish….this product works very well in unison with all of our Maverick compound bars, Sectional buffs, Coolair Buffs and Maverick Airways

Product tip – Due to temps, especially in Queensland in the summer months, we’d suggest storing compound in a cooler area. Some clients keep their compound in the refrigerator and that’s quite ok. The types of binders used will soften in extreme heat or if left in direct sunshine….and we’ve had feedback that tells us if left in the open, Rodents seems especially fond of the compounds, you’ll know which one may be gnawing on your products….it’ll have really shiny teeth !

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Weight 1.1 kg