Renegade M14 Flange Adaptors


Our Renegade adaptors, allow you to fit our Airway Buffs to your polisher. They have a standard M14 thread to fit Australian machines


Billet safety flange adaptor (M14 – 5/8″)

  • M 14 to 5/8″-11 threaded, Long and std versions, as well as M16 to 5/8″-11 for bench grinder mounting
  • Adapts our Billet flanges to you right angle polisher
  • Our long series adaptor allows two buffs to be mounted together

Fitting the adaptor to your right angle polisher

  1. Screw the female section down onto the thread of you machine, fasten securely
  2. Place buffing wheels with center plates, onto the male threaded section, make sure your buff will rotate in the correct direction as indicated by rotation arrow marked on the buff
  3. Secure the buffing wheel(s) securely with mounting flanges
  4. Always wear correct PPE when using buffs and power tools

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg