Metal Finishers Kit


A kit tailored to metal finishing and restoration, quality product and made to suit either 4″ or 5″ grinders.


The Sait Metal Finisher Kit

The Sait metal finisher kit has been put together to give you a well rounded and flexible package when you’ve got the grinders out and need to get the job done right. the kit is comprised of a high quality Sait Velcro backing pad that uses their H-Grip system. The H-Grip system is a super heavy duty Velcro panel, that will stand up to the rigor of serious metal grinding.and the heat that’s generated along with making a ton of sparks.

The kit comes with a range of heavy weight 80 Grade, 120 Grade and 240 grade metal working discs…..50 of each grade, in products that are tested decades over, and at the forefront of metal workers needs. We’ve put the kit together with simplicity in mind, the Velcro discs are all 4″ (102mm), and we’ve had a custom backing pad that will run the discs on either you 4″ or 5″ grinders….just specify which size when you order and you’re in business

The Kit contains

One – (1) HG Grip Sait Backing pad to suit your grinder

Fifty- (50) 102mm Velcro AE Heavy weight P 80 Sait discs

Fifty – (50) 102mm Velcro AE Heavy weight P 120 discs

Fifty – (50) 102mm Velcro ZFF Zirconia Blended P 240 discs

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

M10 – For 4" Grinders, M14 – For 5" Grinders