Rebel Beaver Body Wax 12oz




Beaver Wax is a multi use product. When you’ve taken the time to apply a shine to any alloy surface Beaver Wax will keep it shining for longer, it’ll help repel water and it stops water staining. When we trialled it on our own cars and bikes, we found it isn’t affected by the heat of an air cooled V-Twin, it doesn’t yellow and it doesn’t detract from the shine you’ve just applied.

We’ve run Beaver Wax on fork legs, polished blowers on big cube muscle car motors, mag wheels on both cars and bikes as well as on 4 x 4 polished vehicle accessories, truck bull bars and polished Alcoa rims…always the same results. Protection, no loss of shine and the feedback has been the same, brighter for longer, easy on, easy off.

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