Rebel Eliminator All-in-One Cleaner, Polish and Sealant




Rebel Eliminator All in One, Cleaner – Polisher – Sealant

What Is Rebel Eliminator ?

Rebel Eliminator is a state of the art custom formulated all-in-one cleaner, polish, and sealant. Designed to be used for removing hazing and swirl marks on high end paintwork. We’ve run this product on Muscle cars, high end European cars, custom paint work on bikes and trucks….the results are outstanding. We’ve also found it’s fantastic when used on foggy headlights, making them crisp and clear again.

So how do you use Eliminator All in One ?

Apply a few pea-sized drops onto a Premium Micro-fibre cloth or a Premium Microfiber Round Pad and gently work the product into the body panel or headlight, with the intention of evenly distributing the product. We’ve also had great success using a dual-action polisher with a soft foam finishing pad on low speed settings. if you’re using the dual action polisher, place 5 or 6 pea sized drop on to the foam pad, give it a light smear with your finger or a circular wipe on to the painted surface then use the dual action buff to do all the hard work.

Pro tip – If you’re working on a large painted area, such as the bonnet of a car, break it up into 4 sections, polish each section then gently overlap your work area.

Additional information

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