Rebel Pipe Dream Chrome Polish Conditioner 24oz




Rebel Pipe Dream is for the real enthusiast and we mean the real enthusiast. We understand everyone has their favourite polish, but we benchmarked this product against everything in the market, all the leading brands, what did we find?? so many polishes said you could use their product on Alloy, Brass, Copper, Stainless and Chrome and well, we couldn?t quite figure that out. You see Pipe dream has been formulated specifically for chrome, and mirror polished stainless?.not for alloy, not for copper and not for brass.
When we did the benchmark testing we found that the other products that offered a ?one product does all? claim, left hazing, we looked at many products, on many different parts. V- Twin pipes, an air cleaner from a Camaro, a chrome trim from a T- 909 all of these had been polished with a range of these products and what did we see?a skating rink, micro scratches all over the surface. Renegade products are specific, alloy products for alloy, chrome products for chrome, they?re formulated to perform on each substrate or metal. Renegade doesn?t believe in the one product for all theory, they make the best of the best, for every application and then stand behind it 100%.

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