Aluminium 3-Step Kit




Our Aluminium Three Step Kit – an ideal and comprehensive start up pack

The Aluminum  kit will take your polishing game to the next level!, The kit has everything you need to bring out a high shine on Alloy, Brass and Bronze, using the same products professional polishers use in their shops every day. You can use this kit to polish fuel and oil tanks, bumpers, and other aluminum accessories on your vehicle. This kit’s  been put together to give you a solid entry level Alloy polishing 3 step package, using the exact same products professionals use every day.

The Aluminium 3 step kit includes –

One (1) 9″ Orange Airway Buffing wheel (without center plate)

One (1) 9″ Yellow Airway Buffing wheel (without center plate)

One (1) White Airway Buffing wheel (without center plate)

One (1) M14 Safety Flange adaptor

One (1) set of our Billet mounting flanges

One (1) bar of Our Brown T2 Tripoli compound – to cut

One (1) bar of our Infinity Green Compound – to colour

One (1) bar of our 3-Series Yellow compound – to put that crisp final finish in place

One (1) mop rake to clean your buffs as you go

One (1) 12oz. Bottle of Rebel Red Show Shine polish

Ten (10) Premium Silverline Micro-fibre cloths

Two (2) Premium Micro-fibre Round Pads

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm