Mag Wheel Touch-Up Kit


A complete kit, that will allow you to restore the clean and crisp shine to your Mag wheels or alloy products, then being able to seal and protect it against the elements.

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Mag Wheel Touch-Up Kit

Our Mag wheel touch up kit has been put together to provide you with a simple way to get your wheels looking sharp and crisp again. If your alloy or forged wheels have gone off a little and you want a fast way to bring them back, this kit’s for you. Use our 3-series Yellow bar on one of the 6″ Swansdown mops to gently cut back the surface and restore a shine. Then use the Competition Purple bar on the other Swansdown mop, to put that final crisp show shine on your wheels….or any other similar parts you’d like to restore. Once you’ve done this, you can apply a coating of our Wheel Seal product.

The Wheel Seal is going to protect your polished surface from the environment, it’ll slow water staining and oxidizing…and as as importantly assist in stopping brake dust sticking to the surface and ruining the shine you’ve worked hard to put on. To apply the Wheel Seal, simply use a soft micro-fibre cloth or applicator, rub the  Wheel Seal evenly on to the surface, then let it dry. Once flashed off, take a clean, dry micro-fibre cloth and wipe the residue away.

Tech – Tips for using this kit

– Always gently rake your buffs to remove any old compound, before you start to polish

 – Make certain, you keep one mop separate for each compound, don’t mix them up

 – Polishing speeds of 2800 – 3400 are right on the money for these buffing wheels

– To run this kit you will need a tapered spindle for your tool or bench grinder, they are available on our site to fit most machines

This Kit contains

One (1) – Mop Rake

Two (2) – 6″ x 100 fold Swansdown mops

One (1) – Competition Purple Bar

One (1) – 3 Series Yellow Bar

One (1) – Wheel Seal protector and sealer 12oz.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 32 × 22 × 30 cm