Renegade Wicked Metal Polish


Renegades most popular product crushes the competition by cutting oxidation faster, polishing brighter, and leaving the best pound for pound value finish money can buy. Easy on and easy off, it works on any metal you can name, including brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, silver and gold. So you can jump right in and get down to business. Wicked Metal Polish is available in 16oz. 473ml bottles.

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Straight out of Renegades detailer range comes another offering, Wicked Polish. We tested this new product on a large range of alloy, brass and found it to be particularly good on Stainless, in fact it was exceptional on Stainless. A great all rounder product, Wicked is easily applied and clean off. We’d suggest application with a Microfibre round pad and once you’ve given the surface a workout, let it dry and then use a quality Microfibre cloth to remove the residue. We got particularly large amount of Harley riders on this one, they felt it was really well suited to the type of Alloy on their bikes….Wicked by name, Wicked by nature.

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