Wheel Care Kit


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Our Wheel Care kit has been put together for the driver in all of us that wants their wheels to be in primo condition all the time. This kit is very much suited to those that have painted or Powder-coated rims. Voodoo X will strip back all the built up iron contaminant of your rims and brake calipers, spray it on, let it work, once it’s turned purple, you know it’s dine the job and hose it off. The Wheel Seal will protect the surface against water staining, slow stiction of brake dust and over all make the rim glow with a deep gloss….even satin finish rims can benefit for Wheel Seal. Then of course, you have Rebel Rubber & Vinyl to keep your tyres looking better than new.

Our Wheel Care Kit contains – One – Voodoo X, One – Rebel Wheel Seal, One – Rubber & Vinyl, Two – Round Microfibre cloths, Ten – Microfibre Cloths.

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Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 32 × 22 × 30 cm