Brown Tri-cut Tripoli Polishing Compound



Tricut, Over the last year, Tricut has astounded us with its growing popularity, formulated to be a cutter / finisher, we?ve seen it become the weapon of choice for alloy fabricators and polisher all over Australia. Used commonly with our orange treated Airway Buffs, Tricut offers the ability to pull out the rotary or orbital marks left as part of the surface preparation as well as a first step to just re-polishing and restoring item like tanks, side steps Bull bars etc. It?s a medium greasy type compound, it doesn?t leave a heavy residue and can even be used as a stand alone polish if that?s what you?re looking for, but we commonly find it used as a first step to level and brighten the surface before one of our other compounds is used to mirror of colour the surface.

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Weight 1.1 kg