Infinity Blue Polishing Compound



Infinity Blue, This compound has been popular in finishing stainless components and as a last step on certain aluminium products. Infinity Blue is a very dry, very fine finishing compound. When you use it, we?ve found it best to make lots of very light applications on the mop and work it in gently, chasing your shine across the surface. We?ve seen that if you under apply it, you?ll get what looks like light burning on the surface?.don?t panic, all shows you is that you need to increase the amount of times you apply the compound, don?t over do it thinking that to pour a heap on to the mop will be better, it probably won?t, it?s better to just increase the frequency that you apply the product. We?ve also seen Infinity Blue used to remove burn and blemishes on newly plated items, but only by those with careful hands and the skill to do so, it?s so easy to cut through the chrome layer, you need to take care.

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