Jr. Mammoth Black Microfibre Drying Towel 40 x 40 cm 1500 GSM




Black 40cm x 40cm Micro-fibre drying towel

Our Mammoth drying towels are ideal for any where and anytime you might consider using a Chamios type product. It’s big, soaks up the water after a wash on your car, 4×4, truck or bike…it’s great on glass, paint, Gel-coat, if it’s wet, then it’ll kick ass and take names,  our Mammoth towel will eat it alive, and get it dry in record time.

What are Micro-Fibre towels made of ?

Microfiber Towels are made of synthetic fibers that measure a fraction of the width of a human hair that are woven together to create an absorbent, durable, and (most importantly) scratch-free towel ideal for various uses.