Buff n Blend Discs


The 9″ Buff n Blend discs are designed to remove surface contamination, marks and burrs. We’ve had them fitted with a tapered spindle centre for use in Australia.


Buff n Blend Discs

Our 9″ x 2 section Buff and blend discs offer a quick and effective way to remove surface contamination, surface coatings, burrs and minor damage from Alloy surfaces. Used widely for prep work on Alcoa rims, the Buff n Blend disc cuts well, yet leave a finish more attuned to a sanded surface. It’s the perfect way to clean up the surface, get rid of marks and crud, then progress on to you sanding stage and polishing. In Australia we’ve had them fitted with washered for use on a tapered spindle set up.

The discs are 9″ (230mm) in diameter, and are actually 2 sections glue back-to-back, giving you a working width of around 1″ (25mm)

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 4 cm